Winter Hair Elixir

As winter approaches, our hair, skin, and nails tend to become extra thirsty. The combination of the rigid, cold weather and arid Colorado air can do a number on our bodies. With the help of the King Soopers Live Natually program, I am able to have my favorite at-home hair and skin remedies delivered right to my door. For my favorite DIY hair elixir, I have combined three of the most nourishing oils which are shown below:

Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, & Olive Oil

Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, & Olive Oil

The first ingredient in my winter elixir is avocado oil. This oil contains a very high amount of monounsaturated fats which are easily absorbed into the scalp and hair strands and can stimulate growth by unclogging follicles in the scalp when massaged. 

The next ingredient that I use in this combination is coconut oil. For hair, this oil has been used for a number of reasons, but I love it for the purpose of moisturizing and protection against damage. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which helps to fortify the protein within your hair, creating stronger, shinier locks. 

The final ingredient that I use is olive oil. This product contains a large amount of fatty acids, which will coat the hair shaft and protect it from color and heat damage. I adore heating up this oil and using it on its own in order to prevent frizz and add high shine to my hair. 


Mix all three of these ingredients (amount will vary depending on how much hair you have) in a bowl and heat for 15-30 seconds. I prefer to hop in the shower and shampoo my hair first, then I apply the mixture to my hair and pin my locks up. Sometimes I will let the elixir sit while I am in a hot bath, or I will continue to shower and allow it to sit while I shave my legs. I will usually rinse for about 5 mins, gently shampoo with a moisture rich shampoo, and follow up with my favorite conditioner. Through the winter, this mix can be used once per week to freshen up your hair from a week of stressors. 

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Until next time lovelies! XOX-BAM