Shapeshifter Girl

She can assume a different form willingly and at her own consent. She is a wanderer of the world and will mold her mythical figure to match the backdrop she exists in. She morphs, and melts, and makes hearts burn. She is a chameleon personified, and she can be anything her soul desires.

She is a Shapeshifter. 


Caylie has the remarkable skin tone that can support all shades of warmth. I have created a hair color for her that is a gradience of summery pigments with contrasting dimension. For the shoot, I used a 1-inch wand to form ringlet-like curls that flowed away from her face. As the shoot progressed and more brushing was applied to her locks, her curls became relaxed and smooth. In the last look, I pulled her hair in a deep side part and used a bristle brush to form a more glamorous side-swept wave. These looks were really fun for me to style, because every item worn by her was pulled from my very own closet. Some frocks were thrifted and some were even purchased in faraway lands such as India. I am so thankful for all of the help and support of those around me for making this shoot happen! XOX

These images were beautifully created by Xonnoisseur Photography.