Fall Fever

I was born a Scorpio, so this may be the reason why the summer to winter transition makes me feel the most alive.

I call it my "Autumn Aura." 

The crisp sting of cooler air seems to ignite my creativity as I begin to transform the hair of my clients into colorful hues.

Silky, Walnut Brunettes. Creamy, Vanilla Blondes. Aspen-Leaf Coppers...

As I ring in another accomplished year of my life, and head deeper into the brisk Colorado autumn, I encourage all of my clients to renew themselves also. 

Let's Transform like the Leaves Together!

These photos are the result of the stunning photography of an amazing client and friend of mine, Crystal Rose Smith. She is a true doll and is obviously a natural talent. Please visit her website link below to see constant updates of her art. 

Source: www.crystalrosesmith.com