Offhand Opulance

Every now and then, I am a sucker for luxury. As opposed to my typical fixation with effortless and "almost messy" style, I find the rare occasion of treating yourself to a moody lip color and soft, rich fabrics appealing. To style Kiersten's "sandy creme" balayage highlights, I first pinned her hair into a retro, fingerwave set. I wanted to match the velvet texture of her black jumpsuit, so I gently brushed and fluffed her hair with a bristle brush for a dreamy and silky effect. This entire look was meant to collide the feeling of a lazy Sunday with a glamorous touch. Perhaps she had spent the entire day lounging and preparing herself for a night out, or maybe this is just the way she relaxes on the weekends with her man.

Whether I am dressing up or choosing to be completely casual, I have an infatuation with contradictions. I like to match something hard and boyish with a dainty, lacey dress, or (in this case) allow something that is suggestively sexy clash with a full-coverage look. With a patent leather bralette, and buttoned up starchy blouse, Kiersten portrays provocative without showing off a glimpse of skin. I took my bristly brush, and gently went against the grain to give her a fuller, voluptuous hair without tangles or any kind of matting.

My vision for this entire shoot could not have happened without the collaborative efforts of some amazing people. All photos were shot by Xonnoisseur Photography, with Makeup by Bridgette Black. The gorgeous Kiersten Clowes (my client and friend) modeled, and videographer Christian DaCosta captured all of the best moments in the amazing home of my close friend, Ben Giese. Thank you to everyone who took part and made my ideas real!