The Down District

Bigger is better. I only had to live in the true heart of America for a few months to appreciate the saying, "the higher the hair, the closer to God." The girth of a Texas woman's locks can always be appreciated, and I have zero problems applying it to my Denver gals. By taking the "big-hair-flair" and adding my own edgy twist, I can produce a look that is eye-catching and unique. I used a styling wand to curl one-inch sections of Shelby's full head of hair, gave it a gentle brush, and then added some fun white bobby pins to give her a fashion-forward appeal. I adore the sheer and flowy aspects of her outfit against the angular, geometric city backdrop.


Shelby's second look transitioned towards something a bit more playful with a fun styling technique that helped to create a full faux-bob. Most long-haired girls can get that itch for short hair at any given moment, and the creation of this fake, lopped-LOB (long bob) can be the perfect remedy. By pinching curls between my thumb and forefinger and gently "sinching" the rest of the curl upwards, I was able to scrunch her hair into a shorter-looking cut. Her hair was merely an accessory to this fabulously thrifted frock that I discovered while scouring the racks of Goodwill. (Yes, I will be wearing this on my next Vegas adventure.)

Again, I am incredibly thankful to have worked with Xonnoisseur Photography for the stunning images that she has produced of my friend, Shelby Howard. Bridgette Black did an impeccable job of putting on that face while Christian DaCosta filmed all of our fun moments. It is quite an honor to work with creative minds that are equally thrilled to illustrate a dream. XOX