Glitter & Grunge

Like the perfect witch's brew, my visions for photoshoots involve a long simmer of ideas and a very large combination of inspiring ingredients. After installing a full head of 22-inch extensions to my doe-eyed client, Sara, I began to mix, yet another, pot of contradictions in my head. Sara has a bombshell body that she has thoughtfully decorated with stunning art, and she has profound features such as her doll-like eyes and pouty lips.  By simply adding a dash of glitter with a delicious serving of grunge, a generous helping of poisonous beauty is now being served!

My ideas would merely be scattered, confused day-dreams if it were not for the support and artistic efforts of those around me. All images were captured by Morgan Alexander of Xonnoisseur Photography. Bridgette Black painted face with her incredible makeup skills, and my stunning client, Sara Barils offered her time, talents, and beautiful look as a model. I also cannot forget to thank my dear friend, Kayla Lawson, for assisting and snapping behind-the-scene shots, and my adorable boyfriend, Trevor Monks, for helping and handling all the things us girls were not willing to do. Thank you ALL!