Crystal Clarity

Throughout the 20th century, it seemed as though fashion had a maximum shelf-life of ten years. Each decade had new, revolutionary trends that exemplified the culture, music, and beauty industries of those times. Now, in an age where anything goes, I find myself reminiscing about the beauty of conformities during certain decades. I love looking at wilted photographs of my stunning grandmother in the sixties dawning mod dresses, winged liner, and wearing perfectly coiffed hairstyles. I also have an attraction to the off-beat, grundge looks of my childhood idols in the 90's. I was so young when I would try to emulate the dark and drudgey styles that I saw on moody MTV videos.

In my own small celebration of two wonderful and very different decades, I dressed up, styled, and photographed my beautiful client, Clarity Engel. 

When I found this dress in the "60's cocktail" section of my favorite vintage shop, I was immediately in love with how it reminded me of photos of my grandma standing on the steps of the Lincoln memorial in the late 60's. Clarity has such a "doll" face, so I swept her hair across her face in a deep part and gave her an interesting ponytail by creating multiple knots. It is fun, modern twist on the British "mod" look of the sixties.

This second look was thought up and inspired by several of my recent small-life happenings. The first, was this insane velvet frock that I thrifted for $12! It is exactly what I would have worn had I been an angsty singer/songwriter of the 90's. My second inspiration was acquired at a rockshow the night before this shoot when I saw a gorgeous, pixie-like girl with two small buns on her head. I knew I could exaggerate that look with the insanely long and thick locks of Clarity. With a darker stained lip, Clarity epitomized my grundge/gothic daydream. 

Every day I tend to channel a different decade in the clothes I wear and the beauty rituals I choose! I hope that everyone finds inspiration from the past and adds it to their daily life! Xox